FORSA, Forrajes San Agustín s.l., is an independent dehydrating company working in the fodder sector and offering the market a top-quality homogeneous product in large quantities.

The extensive knowledge gained through their experience enables FORSA to offer their clients a significant volume while ensuring the very highest standards of quality, just as their clients need.

The climate in Almuniente

14° 2° Intervalos Nubosos
  Viernes 13° 4° Intervalos Nubosos  
  Sábado 12° 5° Cielos cubiertos con lluvia débil  
  Domingo 14° 5° Cielos nubosos con lluvia débil  


The FORSA Brand developed within the fodder sector,
with the creation of the alfalfa dehydration facility located
in the irrigation area within the Ebro Valley, in the Monegros region.

The work is undertaken in the provinces of Zaragoza and Huesca, where the plots for growing alfalfa are contracted. The initial dehydration facility was put into action by FORSA (Forrajes San Agustín), a company with over 20 years’ experience in the field and imbued with high quality standards.

The company functions as a coordinator for the rest of the Fodder Industries Group (GIF). Dehydrated alfalfa is currently sold in 450 kg and 750 kg bales, measuring some 110x110x85 cm and 220x110x85 cm, respectively.