In fodder we have several products and delivery formats. The main forage produced is Alfalfa but we also grow Ray-grass and Festuca. Regarding formats, we have bales and pellets with the following products:

Dimension Bale 210x100x85 Dimension Bale 110x100x85
Alfalfa Premium
Alfalfa First
Alfalfa Mix
Natural Alfalfa




Alfalfa bales are recommended mainly for cattle destined for milk production, due to its long fiber facilitating rumination. for its long fiber facilitating rumination with advantages as a bulk feed:

  • Digestibility.

  • Its nutritional power.

  • By-pass protein.

  • Buffer effect.

Alfalfa Mix

For animals that do not require such a high content of Protein we provide this product that has a high percentage of Alfalfa with a mixture of other herbs such as ray-grass, etc. The format is the same as alfalfa and makes it a more price competitive feed.


Rye-grass is an herbaceous plant with a high fiber content and high energy value.

Compared to legumes, in the same vegetative state, their energy richness is greater because their stems are less lignified, which makes them ideal components for a diet that requires energy intake.

These species are recommended products to be part of the feed of various livestock. They are the ideal feed for sheep, rabbits, horses, camels, rearing calves and cows with high milk production.


Festuca is a herbaceous plant of great energetic richness indicated for a support ration, especially recommended for sheep, horses and calves.

Ideal product for a diet where energy intake is required.


  • Greater energy richness at the same vegetative stage than leguminous plants because their stems are less lignified and they are poorer in soluble carbohydrates.

  • Lower protein richness: protoplasmic components poorer in nitrogen than legumes.