Alfalfa production in Aragon falls by almost 25%.

The alfalfa sector, in which Aragon is an international power, is coping as best it can with the prolonged period of drought and this season has so far accumulated a 25% drop in production compared to the previous period and, with some cuts still to be made, the forecast is that Spain will reach one million tons.

A drop of less than the 50% that was expected until May, when the harvest was at serious risk in many fields. But the rains in June in some areas of the country made it possible to recover the tone of dehydrated fodder production, which had already fallen by 13% last year compared to the previous year.

The lack of rainfall during the first months of the year and the subsequent irrigation restrictions initially affected the growth of the plant, which received water for periods longer than the usual fifteen days, reaching almost two months.


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