Forsa Forrajes and dehydrated alfalfa in “De puertas al campo”.

The program “ De puertas al campo ” of Aragón Radio interviewed last Saturday, February 10, 2024 to Francisco Tabuenca, manager of FORSA Forrajes .

In the interview, the conclusions of the III Jornada Española del Cultivo de la Alfalfa, JECA 2024, which took place in Valladolid on February 8, gathering more than 500 farmers and professionals of the forage sector, were discussed. He was also asked about the current geopolitical situation and the influence it is having on fodder exports to third countries. Finally, and because of the current situation, he was also asked about water reserves, the lack of rainfall and the situation that this could generate.

An interesting interview conducted by the communicator Carlos Espatolero of Aragón Radio that analyzes week after week the agri-food sector, its concerns and its evolution.

We invite you to listen to it in the following link.