ISO 9001


FORSA has the firm conviction to control traceability as guarantee of food safety, with the objective of guaranteeing quality from the origin of the products.
From the European Union has the commitment to guarantee the quality of agri-food products through Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 establishing the framework of food legislation in the European Union.
Also from the European Food Safety Agency establishes the requirement of traceability control by agri-food companies.
Traceability guarantees consumers greater control over the quality and safety of agricultural products.

ISO Quality

In FORSA we work with the quality criteria established by ISO, we are also in the process of certification of the quality system ISO 9001:2015, also implementing traceability programs.


See our quality policy here.
Traceability is sought from planting, crop management, irrigation, agrochemical treatments, mowing, raking, hauling, dehydration process, storage and distribution to the customer.
On the other hand, in the production systems, we adopt Integrated Production criteria within the conviction of good agricultural practices to avoid waste.
Regulations that contemplate the Provisions and Technical Specifications for Raw Material, Dried Forage, Forage Controls, Sampling, Methods of Analysis in the fields:

  • Industrial Activity
  • Fires and other environmental accidents
  • Environmental
  • Food
  • Hazardous Substances