Forsa Forrajes inaugurates its Almuniente factory

Last Monday, March 28th, Forsa foragesan independent dehydrator dedicated to the production of raw materials for animal feed that mainly provides its services to farmers in the regions of Los Monegros and La Hoya de Huesca, we have inaugurated our new dehydrated alfalfa factory located at Almuniente.

Joaquín Olona, Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment of the Government of Aragon, has been in charge of inaugurating our new facility in a ceremony in which he was accompanied by Carmen Luesma, delegate of the Government of Aragon in the province of Huesca, Elisa Sancho, vice-president of the Provincial Council of Huesca, Roque Vicente, president of the Development and Sustainability Commission of the Provincial Council of Huesca and Joaquín Monesma, mayor of Almuniente and more than 300 farmers from the Monegros region.


Olona has highlighted the competitive capacity of the sector to be in the main international markets thanks to the quality of alfalfa produced in Aragon. “The Ebro Valley has the ideal conditions to produce alfalfa of exceptional quality, a competitive advantage that the sector has been able to take advantage of,” he said.

“For alfalfa, or any raw material, to reach the global market and produce added value, industry and trade are essential. Projects like this one are necessary, since investing in the industry means investing in the territory,” said the Minister.

From 2016 until today we have managed to reach a production capacity of 80,000 bales and 40,000 pellets of fodder since we have one of the largest trommel for drying alfalfa in Aragon (with a capacity of 20,000 liters). In 2021, our production volume was 5,04949 tons. Following the expansion, eight new jobs have been created in this line of business, bringing the total to fifteen.

Last year we obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System, which allows us to ratify our commitment to our customers and consolidate our presence in foreign markets such as China and the United Arab Emirates, two of the main destinations for Aragonese alfalfa exports.